The EBRD worked closely to facilitate GPA implementation and capacity building of domestic suppliers in Ukraine.

Ukraine became a Party to the GPA 2012 in May 2016. However, following accession, local economic operators did not have reliable information about the Agreement and the available businesses opportunities, nor had a clear understanding about the rules and procedures for participating in the procurement markets of other GPA Parties. There was insufficient communication between the Government, business associations and economic operators regarding participation in international government procurement of GPA Parties.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDTA) of Ukraine applied to the EBRD for technical support to facilitate the implementation of the GPA in Ukraine for the development of the international government procurement market in Ukraine and to provide capacity building to MEDTA on the implementation of the Agreement.

Assignments and achieved outputs of the GPAinUA project:

1. Provide methodological, training and informational support:

  • Six guidelines for eight economies;
  • More than 20 workshops and trainings on GPA 2012 promotion and training of economic operators;
  • Information channels about news and opportunities for Ukrainian economic operators, including through social media; available at
  • Meetings and round tables with representatives of the Government, Parliament and businesses associations on the implementation of GPA 2012 in Ukraine.
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2. Practical support in tender processes:

  • Advisory support to 42 companies in more than 220 international tenders from other GPA Parties.
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3. Analytical research and preparation of relevant reports:

  • Research on practical ways to support Ukrainian suppliers experiencing difficulties in foreign tender processes, providing solutions and recommendations that could help overcome these obstacles.
  • Conclusions are a significant incentive for further implementation of the GPA 2012 as they can be applied by any Ukrainian company seeking to participate in foreign GPA covered procurement.
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The results of subsequent successful participation of Ukrainian suppliers in GPA covered tenders became a positive factor in the implementation of the Agreements, encouraging other national businesses to participate in GPA tenders.

Support provided by the EBRD GPA TC Facility continues playing an important role in building practical capacities of Ukrainian SMEs and their awareness of the available tools provided by the GPA to access foreign markets.