GPA GAP Analysis

The revised World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA), besides being recognized as a tool of good governance, has also taken a relevant role in guiding policy reforms particularly in transition economies.

Under the work of the EBRD GPA TC Facility, experts assess the primary public procurement law or existing draft legislation of GPA Observers or acceding economies against the “WTO GPA Compliance Questionnaire”, a checklist developed by the EBRD with more than 150 questions covering the GPA minimum standards. The assessment seeks to benchmark selected national government procurement laws with the text of the Agreement in order to facilitate further consultations relating to accession negotiations.

This exercise only constitutes a preliminary diagnostic and is not under any circumstance a binding opinion. Notwithstanding, it provides, if applicable, groundwork for the alignment of acceding country’s government procurement regime with the requirements of the GPA 2012, before or during the accession process.

GPA Compliance Assessments

WTO Agreement on Government Procurement

GPA Compliance Assessment: Morocco